Why is the Final Message of the Last Apostle So Significant?
With the historical context in view, we can better understand John's words.  He essentially told us in John 21:24, 25 that he knew Yeshua and His message better than anyone and was going to give true and accurate testimony of it.  He was also going to bring to light falsehoods being spread about it.  What he had once been content to leave  

Jeffrey Daugherty brings you intimate insider knowledge that poses the theory that both men were victims of intense MK Ultra/Tavistock type mind control, and were systematically broken down in an effort to thwart a great awakening in human consciousness that these men--with a little help from their friends--seemed to be ushering in.  (E-Book)

FROM JEFFREY DAUGHERTY.  In response to many requests, Jeffrey has written this book compiling information about Jesus and The Christ--showing they are two different competing personages that emerged in New Testament times.  Amazing, ground-breaking information that exposes one of the most well

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What happened to the lovable rebel Elvis Presley?  How did the man that burst on the world scene championing individuality and freedom of expression disappear into Hollywood, becoming little more than a movie marionette?  And what of Paul McCartney and the whole 'Paul is Dead' saga?  Did Paul really die?  Was it all a hoax?  How do we account for the dramatic creative, emotional and physical changes in McCartney after 1968?

A compelling, page-turning expose of the Jesuit-inspired Bible Eschatology conspiracy.  How could the children of the Protestant Reformers be preaching Counter Reformation doctrine?



 NEW SECOND EDITION                               

Why is fear of, and animosity towards, the Reptile present in every human culture?

Where did the idea of shapeshifting Reptilians come from and why is the idea so enduringthat it not only remains to our modern day but seems to be becoming even more prominent today?

Why is none of this spoken of in the Bible as we have it today?

guarded secrets and conspiracies ever perpetrated upon mankind.  It is the result of over 35 years and more than 100,000 hours of study of both biblical and para-biblical texts.  A book that could only have come from The Christian Whistleblower.


The first edition of this book was driven by a desire to know what really happened in creation as described in the Bible.  That question is still tackled in this expanded volume.  Only now Jeffrey goes beyond determining if the current understanding of what we read in the opening chapters of Genesis is reliable, beyond seeing if the words of the biblical revelation as generally accepted convey the meaning intended by the original authors. 

to James and Peter he was now taking into his own hands. 
John wrote the final and most authoritative account of the message of Yeshua of Nazareth, as reported by his closest confidante.  John was the last living Biblical figure that had personally walked and talked with Yeshua.  This fact cannot be over emphasized.  The Apostolic era literally died with him.  As its final messenger he gave his last strength to tell one final story, to deliver one final message, and that from an absolutely unique perspective.  Of all the things he could write of, of all the things he could pull from his vast treasure of experience and knowledge, the things that follow here  were the things he deemed so important that they would, in effect, be the last will and testament of the apostolic era.  These are the final words on Yeshua from the man who knew Him best.  As such, they warrant special consideration, attention, and study.