PARANORMAL TECHNOLOGY AND TRAINING   2017 will see Jeffrey roll out new devices, technology, and training (both in person and virtual) to help in the work of paranormal investigators and spirit workers.  There are some very exciting breakthroughs on the way! 

Paranormal Trip With Jeffrey Daugherty  Jeff is kicking off a new paranormal webcast soon where he will be traveling to different locations to bring you live shows--and will also be showing you how he does his spiritual work, up close and personal.    

PERSONAL PARANORMAL SERVICES  Jeffrey is available to come to you and perform entity cleansings for individuals, objects, and locations.  Some of this work can be done remotely via telephone or web meetings.  Simply contact us for details.  Typically, Jeff only asks for his travel and lodging expenses to be covered, plus an honorarium.  

SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS  Jeff is also available to speaks to groups on the subject of the paranormal.


Jeffrey Daugherty now makes his expertise and experience available to you for personal spiritual services.  Counseling, past life regression, CREATE YOURSELF work, entity cleansings, and paranormal services can be booked using the calendar below.  Calendar only shows TIMES THAT ARE BOOKED.  You can click on the time and see how long the booking is for, that way you know what is available.  ALL other times are OPEN and you can CHOOSE YOUR TIME.    Please choose from times available and then:

1. Email me with time desired at

2.  Include your Skype ID

3.  Send me a Skype contact request to my Skype name: nckabbalah 

4.  I will respond to your request with an appointment confirmation and we are all set.  Just be available on Skype at appointment time.