PARANORMAL TECHNOLOGY AND TRAINING   2018 will see Jeffrey roll out new devices, technology, and training (both in person and virtual) to help in the work of paranormal investigators and spirit workers.  There are some very exciting breakthroughs on the way! 



Jeffrey Daugherty makes the wisdom and lessons learned in his 36 years of expertise and experience on the front lines of spirituality available to you for personal spiritual services.  LifeTrack Analysis & Repair, Card Readings, Palm Readings, and Divining Rods are offered, along with entity cleansing and paranormal services.  


1. Email me with 2 or 3 days/times that will work at

2.  Include your Skype ID, Google Hangouts ID, or if you have iPhone we can also use Facetime

3. I will respond to your request with an appointment confirmation and we are all set.

LIFETRACK ANALYSIS & REPAIR allows you to identify, isolate, repair and remove gaps in your Analytical Mind--your 'Blink'--so you can move on empowered with a complete LifeTrack.  Free yourself from troublesome memories, fears, and phobias.  Turn on your Comforter Activation and connect to the Divine Database.  Jeffrey has found it most helpful to do palm and card readings first to establish a baseline for you from which to work.   Contact him at for more information.

COSMIC INITIATION, TAROT, PALMISTRY and COMBINED CARDS OF TRUTH readings  tell you much about the 'hand you have been dealt' and suggest strategies for helping you CREATE YOURSELF and build the life you'll love.  Find out what you have to work with and how to get where you want to be from where you are now.  Contact Jeffrey at for more information.

DIVINING RODS are used to answer specific yes and no questions to gain deeper insight and guidance.  Contact Jeff to find out about sessions with this highly effective tool at

PERSONAL PARANORMAL SERVICES  Jeffrey is available to come to you and perform entity cleansings for individuals, objects, and locations.  Some of this work can be done remotely via telephone or web meetings.  Simply contact Jeff at christianwhistleblower@ for details.  Typically, Jeff only asks for his travel and lodging expenses to be covered, plus an honorarium.  

SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS  Jeffrey is also available to speak to groups and conferences.