The Y-FILES bring out truths hidden for over 2,000 years.  We are quite literally raising the dead--breathing life back into realities that have not seen the light of day since Yeshua and His apostles walked the earth.  The Y-FILES marks the end of perhaps the greatest cover-up and conspiracy ever to be perpetrated upon humanity.



The X-Files television show and major motion pictures contained, and continues to contain some of the most blatant 'Easter eggs' of any presentation by a mass media production.  An 'Easter egg' is a nugget of truth and/or revelation dropped into a major media production like a TV show or movie, sometimes subtle, sometimes blatant, that reveals or shows elements of otherwise secret agendas or gives a quick view behind the proverbial curtain of power.  

A classic example is in the most recent incarnation of The X-Files when Mulder and Scully come to the realization that it is not a true UFO/ET/Alien agenda that is being perpetrated upon humanity, but the alien agenda is a being used to cover other nefarious deeds that are mainly terrestrial in nature. In the Y-FILES we build upon this revelation and show you exactly how it is being carried out--in amazing detail as revealed by John the Apostle.

Alien Agenda in the New Testament  John the Apostle detailed in his writings how all the great events in the life of the Jesus personage--who I call Plastic Jesus--are literally filled with blatant UFO/ET/Alien imagery.  This is indicative of a full-blown Alien agenda in the pages of the New Testament itself.  This sounds crazy to the uninitiated--until you see the evidence.

As in The X Files, ​this is a deceptive agenda created by a shadowy cabal all designed to set up a final false flag meant to wrest control of Planet Earth and its inhabitants.  


​This and other imagined shadowy cabals are often blamed for so many things under the heading of the mysterious, nebulous, always present but never quite identified 'THEY'.  We move past the innuendo and guesswork to specifically identify who THEY are, and that in no uncertain terms.  We tell you who they are, what they are doing, and why they are doing it.  We put faces and names on this cabal that no one else can--or will.  

Simply and plainly stated, the cabal is headed by the being we now call the LORD.  Their continuing agenda is powered, perpetrated and perpetuated by entities and organizations loyal to the LORD.  Some of these are spiritual entities while others are humans.  This includes organizations from Pauline religious denominations to political and social groups--some of which are possibly being used and leveraged unknowingly.  


This brings us full circle to The Y Files.  'X' marks the spot and 'Y' is behind it all.  Y is for YHWH, and we are unmasking him once and for all, right here, right now.  For 2,000 years this dark being has convinced mankind that he is the true God of the Bible and is to be worshiped above, and to the exclusion of, all others.  The truth is that he is but a fallen god, a disgraced impostor on the run, hiding behind many aliases.  Call him Yahweh, the LORD, Marduk, or Yaldabaoth, his time has run out and he now must face the proverbial music and answer for his crimes against humanity.  

His agenda is finished.  The Y-FILES ensure it.

The Files seek to awaken you to the major deceptions being perpetrated on you by the dominant control paradigm.  These topics are fully discussed in Jeffrey Daugherty's books including Serpents and Doves in the Garden of the Gods and Final Message of the Last Apostle.  Both are available in either e-book or paperback so they are affordable for all.  See all Jeffrey's books by clicking here.

Many (well about 20) years ago back in the not-so-old West--the Oregon, Washington, and Idaho territories of BigTime Religion to be exact--there rose a young Pentecostal evangelist.  So full of fire and spunk was he, folks took to calling him Gospel Gunner; saying he shot down sin and the devil at every turn.

Then one day, the Gospel Gunner just up and disappeared.  Folks have wondered what happened to him ever since.  Now there have been some rumors to be sure, but the Gunner just faded into the stories of the old West, never to be heard from again...UNTIL NOW!  

We hear tell that the Gospel Gunner rides again!  Not quite so young anymore, but just as full of fire as ever--and with a new target!  Seems he didn't just fade away as folks supposed, but went searching for the real spiritual outlaws.  Now he's back and taking aim at the desperados that co-opted the original Yeshua Movement and lassoed us all with a control matrix of guilt and fear.  None of the LORD and his gang are safe.  Let them reap the whirlwind.

There is a new sheriff in town.  The Gospel Gunner.  Back on the trail.  Taking aim at religious guilt, fear, and control wherever it dares to raise its ugly head .