​Rarely does a day go by that I do not get an email that says something like the quote above.  Because of our work a growing number of people are realizing the shortcomings and outright deceptions of Pauline religion and are leaving it behind in ever increasing numbers.  In so doing, they usually find themselves quite alone.  

THE NCK CENTER is being developed in effort to help meet this need.  The vision is for a place of virtual fellowship initially to connect those that have left Pauline Christianity in effort to follow the ways and truths of the Original Yeshua Movement seeking the more abundant life they promise.  As we develop we hope and expect to expand from a virtual fellowship to include avenues for in-person, 'real world' fellowship through special meetings and conferences and eventually a number of physical NCK Centers around the country and the world.  

NCK stands for New Cosmic Knowledge.  Under the leadership of Jeffrey Daugherty, we are actively and aggressively engaged in pursuing the hidden and undiscovered knowledge of the Cosmos.  This includes both the biblical and para-biblical as well.  Our quest for truth has no self-imposed limits.  If it works, we will examine it.  If it works consistently we will use it.  If it is duplicatable, we will teach it.  All this is geared towards the discovery and application of spiritual technologies that will help you create yourself and live the life you'll love.  

Our current plans call for THE NCK CENTER to offer two live, weekly virtual sessions with Jeffrey Daugherty--a former 20 year preacher and Bible College graduate who is fast becoming one of the most well-known and cutting edge speakers and teachers in the world of spirituality and the paranormal today.  He is a frequent guest on Coast to Coast AM and other well-known radio and television programs and a sought-after conference speaker.

One of these weekly sessions will be more inspirational in nature, with the other being more of an interactive study type presentation.  In addition we will offer classes and provide a forum for interaction between interested people.  That is our initial vision and will undoubtedly grow and develop over time.  

We hope you will be a part of THE NCK CENTER and welcome your questions.

'We've escaped the Pauline fear/guilt control matrix...now what?"