Daugherty has 20 years experience as a minister and is a Bible College graduate with over 35 years and 100,000 hours of Biblical study under his belt.  He also has university level training in physical and cultural anthropology (Blue Mountain College, graduate With Honors).  Years of research have convinced him that Pauline Christianity co-opted the original message of The Christ and turned it into a fear and guilt based matrix of control.  His unique perspectives across the broad spectrum of the unexplained are both refreshing and challenging to the status quo, and his more than thirty years of exorcism, demonology, spiritual work, paranormal cleansing, and research spanning the entire broad spectrum of the unexplained, make him one of America's most unique and innovative minds.  Jeffrey is also a Certified NLP Practitioner, veteran of the US Air Force, and has 3 adult children and 4 grandkids.   

CREATE YOURSELF is the practical teaching arm of our work.  Here we introduce and instruct people in the actual use and application of the spiritual technologies discovered, developed and refined in NCK. Jeffrey is constantly at work to bring new technologies to you.  Below are some of those currently available--with much more sure to come as we continue to research and grow.  

EFT: EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE  Jeffrey believes this to be the most elegant and effective healing technique available.  It is tremendously therapeutic for emotional, mental and spiritual issues.  He offers the therapy in person and via both telephone and Skype.  He also offers courses to teach individuals how to do EFT themselves.  

SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE AND COUNSELING  Offered both in person and virtually.

EXORCISM/ENTITY CLEANSING  Jeffrey is a veteran of nearly 30 years of practical exorcism and entity cleansing.  Offered both in person and virtually.

PAST LIFE REGRESSION  Sometimes knowing where and whom you have been is necessary to help facilitate who you are and want to be.  Offered in person and virtually.

PALMISTRY, TAROT, AND NUMEROLOGY  Jeffrey is proficient in these divination methods.  He uses them to help give you both a baseline of where you are and as supplemental to your decision making process. 

PARANORMAL CLEANSING AND INVESTIGATION Our newest work is branching into the paranormal field.  We are actively investigating and reaching out to the spirits themselves to resurrect the ancient work of Yeshua and His apostles in speaking truth to those no longer in the physical body.

NLP Jeffrey is a certified practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

PERSONAL APPEARANCES  Jeffrey is available to speak to your group or at your event.  Currently, he asks only for you to cover travel expenses and lodging.  A free will offering/donation above and beyond this is welcomed.  

Please use the CONTACT US tab to request more information on any or all of the above.

It's time to take a fresh look at the New Testament in view of the historical fact that it was vetted, censored and cleared by two 'one-world' governments; the Roman and British empires, and that the original order of its book have been intentionally scrambled to make clear understanding of the flow and development of the original thought, practice and belief difficult at best.  



​​​NCK: NEW COSMIC KNOWLEDGE is the spiritual research and development arm of our work.  Originally New Covenant Kabbalah, Jeffrey soon discovered that Yeshua's teachings included more than just that ancient wisdom.  Thus, New Cosmic Knowledge is continuously discovering, researching and developing spiritual technologies with the aim of helping you reclaim yourself and your full heritage in this lifetime--and enjoy the trip!

JEFFREY DAUGHERTY is a Bible College graduate and former 20-year licensed minister who became convinced that the original message of The Christ had been co-opted into a fear and guilt based system of control.  He has since devoted his life to searching both biblical and parabiblical sources to discover and proclaim the fullness of the original liberating message of The Christ. He is a speaker, author of 14 books, exorcist, spiritual coach, frequent guest on Coast To Coast AM, and has nearly 1,000 videos posted to his YouTube channel.  The links below represent his major teaching areas.  Each link will lead you to a library of videos of Jeffrey's teaching on the subjects.  This is the best place to start understanding these revolutionary ideas.  Daugherty welcomes courteous comments and questions on any and all videos.

BASICS New section that gets you started on the basics of the reality of the New Testament time and the original revelations of The Christ.

CREATE YOURSELF This section of videos will show you how to discover yourself and build the life you'll love.  It teaches the practical application of spiritual technologies in your life.

FALSE APOSTLE PAUL 41 GROUNDBREAKING videos going all the way back to 2014 that PROVE from the Bible itself that Saul of Tarsus, who became known as Paul, was a FAKE apostle that hijacked the original message of The Christ.  

NEW TESTAMENT CORRUPTION 16 videos covering YEARS of in-depth researching showing that today's New Testament is INTENTIONALLY CORRUPTED. The books are PURPOSEFULLY placed out of chronological order, hiding and distorting the TRUE, ORIGINAL message and happenings of the historical NT era so that we would never know what REALLY happened. 

EXPOSING THE LORD  29 videos showing that the LORD, Yahweh, Jehovah, whatever you call him, is NOT THE GOD YOU THINK HE IS.  He is Yaldabaoth, Marduk, a fallen Elohim imposter.  The original liar, a murderer from the beginning and arch-adversary of The Christ. 

JESUS FALLACIES: From Bethlehem to 2nd Coming  27 videos exposing fallacies in the life of the man called Jesus--from Bethlehem to the Second Coming.

BLOOD SACRIFICE & SAVIORS  18 videos showing that The Christ came to show us a BETTER WAY than blood sacrifice.  So why does PAULINE RELIGION INSIST ON PERPETRATING BLOOD SACRIFICE?  Judge for yourself whether you want to believe The Christ and His ways or Paul and the ways of his followers. 

EXORCISM & THE PARANORMAL  23 videos covering Daugherty's more than 30 years as an exorcist, running the gamut of exorcism and the paranormal.

DEMYSTIFYING REVELATION  15 videos giving a verse by verse look into the Book of Revelation, stripped of its usual myth and fear by The Christian Whistleblower.