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UNindoctrinate Yourself--Religiously, Scientifically, Historically and Psychologically! Former 20-year minister & bible college graduate Jeffrey Daugherty is celebrating 40 YEARS of UNindoctrination.  His 100,000+ hours of study in the biblical texts bring credibility to his stating that humanity is locked in a Fear & Guilt Blood-Magick Trauma-Based Mind Control Matrix. Once you UNindoctrinate Yourself you can see the deeply encoded keys that are used against us. This site is here to help you do that by prompting you to ask questions & question answers in every area of your life. We help you UNindoctrinate regarding Religion,  'Scientific' fallacies and the accepted Historical record--and to CREATE YOURSELF and live the life you'll love.  Jeffrey offers tons of DEprogramming on his Late Night in the Heartland call-in show over various video platforms and terrestrial radio stations.