JUNE 11, 2020

Updated: Jun 12

-Kudlow predicts surge in economic growth in third, fourth quarters, despite gloomy Fed outlook

White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow on Thursday predicted economic growth will surge in the latter half of 2020 as states continue to reopen their economies from the coronavirus-induced lockdown.

"With the markets this morning, the trends are pointing upward," Kudlow said during an interview with FOX Business Stuart Varney. "And therefore I will defend the president's optimism. I think you've got 20 percent growth in the third and fourth quarters, and I think you'll get 4 percent or better in 2021."

-Trump’s New Top Banking Regulator Is A Bitcoin Bull

Last week, as the world debated President Trump’s photo-op on the steps of St. John Episcopal Church, a mile away the Comptroller of the Currency’s office was quietly proposing potentially sweeping changes in banking regulations — with a specific emphasis on blockchain.

The new Comptroller, Brian Brooks, had just become the new top banking regulator for the Trump administration. His last job? General counsel to crypto powerhouse Coinbase. Brooks, as acting-Comptroller, makes it clear: blockchain is not the problem — he thinks blockchain is the solution to our problems.

-Trump polling data 10-15% 'light'

Whenever you see a poll involving President Donald Trump--whether it be an approval-rating or election poll, know that the numbers are biased against Trump by 10-15%. Partisan pollsters regularly under report positive Trump responses. This is done in 2 ways. First, many respondents will not answer positively towards Trump due to perceive harassment by the pollster, or fear of harassment by others. Secondly, pollsters suppress favorable responses or those saying they will vote Trump by simply not recording such responses.

-Ambush Suspect Who Wounded Several Officers Gets Killed in Shootout

Several police officers were wounded Thursday in separate shootouts with a man suspected of ambushing and seriously injuring a deputy a day earlier. The suspect was shot and killed during a shootout, authorities said.


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