JUNE 18, 2020

Updated: Jun 19

Weekday Poll (Rasmussen) – June 18: Trump Approval at 47%

In spite of it all, POTUS poll numbers keep climbing. Proof positive REAL people get it--even if they tend to be kind of quiet.

Signs of a rapid economic recovery — and hope for Trump

Conventional wisdom among corporate executives who lean left is that Joe Biden will be our next president, and they’ve begun eying various posts in the new administration that they or their friends would want to fill.

But they’re forgetting one big obstacle to their path to power: the economy.

That’s right, the economy. And yet, as the pandemic shutdowns end, plenty of measures show that the US economy is on a positive trajectory. Jobs are ­being created now; businesses are adapting; a deep recession that was the result of the lockdowns is receding, as well.

The positive outlook goes ­beyond the recent surprise dip in unemployment in May to 13.3 percent from 14.7 percent in April. On Monday, Jay Bryson, chief economist at Wells Fargo, gave a private briefing to executives at BlackRock, the world’s largest money manager, and made the following points, I am told: The deep pandemic recession (or depression) likely ended in April or May, even if the ­rebound won’t be seen in the numbers for months.

Politico Agrees That Polls Are Underestimating Trump Just Like In 2016

We all recall that in 2016, polls consistently showed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with a comfortable to commanding lead over then-candidate Donald Trump. On election day, however, Trump crushed Clinton in the Electoral College.

Polls again show Trump losing to presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden. Trump has taken to reminding people about what happened four years ago, saying the polls are underestimating him. Now Politico appears to agree.

Antifa fails to establish 'autonomous zone' in downtown Portland outside of mayor's condo

Antifa and BLM activists in Portland attempted to erect a no-entry zone called the Patrick Kimmons Autonomous Zone (PKAZ)—named after a man who was fatally shot in Portland in 2018 after he shot two people and charged at police with a revolver.

The autonomous zone was established outside of Mayor Ted Wheeler's condo and was cleared quickly and efficiently by police Thursday morning.

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