JUNE 23, 2020

Updated: Jun 24

America’s Housing Set for Robust Post-Pandemic Recovery: Survey

America’s housing market is expected to weather the pandemic and stage a solid rebound, with a Reuters poll showing that U.S. house prices are likely to outpace consumer price increases in 2020 and the following year.

According to a June 9–19 poll of over 40 housing strategists, house prices will rise 3.0 percent this year and next, making America’s housing market story appear to be one of resilience in the face of an outbreak that has decimated sectors of the economy such as travel and hospitality.

If this prediction bears out, it will mean U.S. housing price rises will beat the Federal Reserve’s consumer inflation projections of 0.8 percent this year and 1.6 percent next year.

“Housing demand is coming back in dramatic fashion, with homebuilders in markets all around the country reporting a bounce-back in demand in May and June,” said Brad Hunter, managing director at real estate advisory firm RCLCO.

Gold Breaks Out To New 8-Year High

We detailed yesterday what Goldman believes will drive the price of gold to $2000 and beyond within 12 months and this morning's dollar weakness has provided the impetus to break above May's highs to a fresh 8 year high.

Yesterday got close but this morning, spot gold prices have broken out...

Supreme Court rules SEC may seize profits from fraudulent companies

The Supreme Court on Monday upheld the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) practice of seeking to seize profits obtained illegally from fraudulent companies.

In a 8-1 decision, the justices ruled that the SEC can force defendants in court to hand over their net profits obtained from wrongdoing as restitution to any victims who were defrauded.

Still, the decision, authored by Justice Sonia Sotomayor, limits the SEC's authority to seize such profits, ruling that the agency can't seek more than the amount of net income generated through a fraudulent scheme and should use the funds to provide relief for victims.

Pollster Nate Silver says Trump can 'absolutely win' 2020 election despite dive in polls

FiveThirtyEight pollster Nate Silver insisted on Sunday that President Trump can "absolutely win" the 2020 presidential election despite his significant dip in the polls against former Vice President Joe Biden.

On ABC News' Sunday program "This Week," Silver debuted his national polling average, showing Biden having a 9-point advantage over Trump, but noted that national polling "doesn't really matter" since Hillary Clinton isn't president today, alluding to the fact that the candidate must win the electoral college in order to become president like Trump did back in 2016.

Silver noted that Clinton had a 7-point lead over Trump and that President Obama led Sen. John McCain by 6 points at this point in the race back in 2008.

Facebook Content Moderator: ‘If Someone is Wearing a MAGA Hat, I Am Going to Delete Them for Terrorism’

Project Veritas today released one of the most damning undercover investigation reports—this time insiders used hidden cameras to document rampant censorship occurring at social media giant: Facebook.

“Facebook and other social media platforms are protected by Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, because they claim that unlike traditional publishers that do not actively edit content—they say they are like the phone company just stringing wires on poles,” said O’Keefe.

“Facebook’s $400 billion market capitalization is tied to this protection and our report shows for the first time anywhere Facebook’s robust and human-directed process for restricting the marketplace of ideas, which calls into question their CDA 230 immunity,” he said.

FBI: No hate crime committed in NASCAR incident, noose may have been in Bubba Wallace's stall since October

And this whinny bitch knew it


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