SEPTEMBER 10, 2020

Trump To Prioritize Ending ‘Slave’ Labor In China During Second Term, Campaign Says

President Donald Trump will prioritize ending “slave or near-slave labor” in China during his second term, senior Trump campaign advisor Steve Cortez told reporters on a Wednesday press call.

The assertion comes as the Trump campaign continues to make the case that former Vice President Joe Biden would be soft on the Chinese Communist Party if elected. The campaign touted Trump’s Phase 1 trade deal with China made earlier this year, saying his second term would focus on finalizing a Phase 2 agreement and curbing the ongoing human rights abuses in China.

“To this day Joe Biden doesn’t view china as an economic threat,” Republican Michigan Rep. Jack Bergman told reporters on the call. “He has consistently bowed down to the Chinese communist regime.”

President Trump's Hispanic Support is Growing, Biden's Lags

In 2016, then-candidate Trump won 28 percent of the Hispanic vote, according to exit polls. Now, recent surveys by Pew and Emerson College show the president nationally at 35 percent and 37 percent, respectively, among Hispanics. Either one would be the highest Hispanic vote total for a Republican presidential candidate since 2004.

Horowitz: More good news: Immunity rising, virulence waning

But there is more to the story that portends even better news: People who were seriously infected produced even more antibodies. "Among recovered persons, antibody levels are higher in older persons and in those more severely affected by SARS-CoV-2 infection," wrote the authors. "Women, who tend to become less sick than men, had lower antibody levels in two spike protein antibody assays."

Also, the fact that a certain number of the presumed positive patients did not produce antibodies might be because they were false positives. "Since some diagnoses may have been made on the basis of false positive qPCR results, we determined that 91.1% represents the lower bound of sensitivity of the combined pan-Ig tests for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies among recovered persons," concluded the study (emphasis added).

GOP voter registrations surge in key battleground state

In the four years since Donald Trump's surprise victory in the 2016 presidential election, the GOP has registered nearly seven times more voters than Democrats in the battleground state of Pennsylvania. Keystone State Republicans have added almost 198,000 registered voters to the books since 2016, while Democrats have gained an additional 29,000, Politico reported Thursday.

Democrats still outnumber Republicans by about 750,000 voters in the state, but the percentage of those registered is down two points from September 2016. The percentage of Republicans has risen from 38% to 39%.

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