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I'm Jeffrey Daugherty,
Thanks for Visiting!

I am a former 25-year licensed christian minister and bible college graduate. I have over 150,000 hours of study in the bible text.  I'm known as THE CHRISTIAN WHISTLEBLOWER because I expose christianity as a fear and guilt, blood magick, kabbalistic mind control virus--and show people a BETTER WAY.  

You are NOT born with original sin (whatever that is); you are born with the SPARK OF DIVINITY within! You are not designed to be a living sacrifice to someone else, taking all thoughts captive and living like a robot. YOU ARE DIVINE, SOVEREIGN AND FREE and deserve to know it and live like it! Let me ask you a question:


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"You either take control of your life or it takes control of you. It’s that simple."

About Jeffrey Daugherty

I was born in Clearwater, Florida. I have three children and will soon have seven grandchildren.  I live in the USA heartland with my lovely wife Cynthia.  I was "called to preach" while serving in the United States Air Force--where I served just under seven years.  Between the two, I preached on five continents.  After USAF, I went into full time ministry for over 20 years.  During that time I began to see the cracks in Big Time Religion.  The resulting search for reality led me across the Pentecostal spectrum, from plain old Holy Roller to British Israel to Feast Keeping to Sacred Names.  To say that I have "been there and done that" is an understatement.  

All that led me to what I do today: help you UNindoctrinate, Optimize, and Create Yourself.  I show you an Insider's view of just how dark the christian mind control matrix really is, and how it is a virus that will spread and kill you if not eradicated.  I help you find and build your best self, and learn how to master your own mind.  Basically, my job is to give you all the information so that you can make fully informed decisions about the most important aspects of life--and beyond!

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