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Spiritual Technologies to Help You Optimize and Surthrive!


Jeffrey will help you identify and remove the ENGRAMS that are holding you back from achieving OPTIMIZATION and SURTHRIVAL.  A complimentary evaluation is followed by weekly sessions of about 45-60 minutes.  Current rate is $53/session.  A $20 PALMISTRY EVALUATION IS REQUIRED BEFORE initial evaluation.  This gives me an idea of what we are working with and how much work it may be. Click DONATE button and tell me in the notes you want CREATE YOURSELF.

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Preserve Jeffrey's deep teachings for as long as you like--and dig in as deep as you want with the PDF CLUB.  You will receive your own copy of the same PDF file Jeff uses for the DEprograms.

You can receive as many per month as you wish for $11 subscription or get your PDF's on a per show basis for $2 each.  Use BUY NOW button to set up subcription or pay per show.

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Divining rods are a time-honored spiritual technology for getting YES or NO confirmations and for locating items or energies.  Rods are $50 (including shipping) and may ONLY BE PURCHASED IN THE USA.  Use DONATE button and include full mailing address.

PALMISTRY can give you an idea on the 'cards you have been dealt' and what you have done with them.  $20

NOTE: PALM EVALUATION IS A PREREQUISTE for the CREATE YOURSELF service and must be completed prior to initial evaluation.  Use DONATE button to donate and email me photos of both palms, front and back to gothamltd@gmail.com. And tell me if you are RIGHT or LEFT handed please.