A huge part of UNindoctrination is being Optimized.  Physical Optimization  is obviously a  huge part of that.  The products and services here are specifically chosen and designed to help you gain Physical Optimization--and also aid in reaching and maintaining Optimization in all the other areas of your life.  Any any all products and/or services can be ordered by name by using the Donate button below and leaving any notes necessary.  I must have correct mailing addresses!


NO MORE WAITING AND HOPING FOR A BRACELET COMPANY TO MAKE WHAT YOU NEED.  SOLEX is what YOU need!  I can stack up to FOUR default or 'made to order' frequencies per bracelet--based on your wants and needs! The INNERgy Disc bracelets themselves may enhance the body's own natural energy fields through acupressure points & meridians. 

Made with frequencies that are programmed with Si Bin & Tourmaline micro dot INNERgy. 

OPTION A: Your choice of up to 4 of our default, most-requested frequencies: Allergy, Arthritis, Energy, Mood, Pain, Ideal Weight, Sleep, Libido  $79 (never needs recharging from me--just re-charge in sun every couple weeks or so.  (Foreign orders must add appropriate shipping.)

OPTION B: Jeffrey will scan you remotely and program your bracelet appropriately with up to 4 frequencies as needed on a weekly basis. $50 for bracelet (1 time) $50 for initial scan (1 time) and $50/month for the weekly scan/charging.

OPTION C: I can remotely program any metal or mineral jewelry you wear currently weekly with up to 2 frequencies like in option B, same $50/month


OPTION D:  Purchase the imprinting technology yourself (for around $600) and you are in charge--forever.  CONTACT pricing on this option.


Overseas studies indicate that this “simple”, natural product, made from foods we eat every day, may hold the key to transforming human health.

If you have not watched the introductory video on NANO SOMA, you can watch it here.  The developer of NANO SOMA says that he has yet to find a human illness or disease that NANO SOMA does not incite the body to heal for itself. Of course, there are still conditions he has not yet tested, but the track record is unmatched. 

If you have a health issue you are seeking to heal (it is not claimed that NANO SOMA helps your body to heal anything), it is recommended that you make a note of the critical markers for your condition, usually via a blood test, and then check them at 30 days, then 60 days and so on, so you and I have a record of the changes, if any. Raghu says that if you have a long-term health condition, you should allow 2 to 3 weeks for every year that you have had the condition for the body to heal itself and, as a general rule, give yourself 90 days of use before you expect a result. Do not expect a result in 30 days, though you may see some changes.

Again, although we make no claims beyond the allowed claims in the United States for any other policosanol supplement, here are 60 pages of testimonials from people reporting their experiences over the 10 years NANO SOMA has been available in various parts of the world and here is a link to the testimonials people have shared directly with us and others we work with around the world.